Sunday, May 2, 2010

Which Hat Today???

Seamstress or Quilter? Both actually. Here is a dress, I am hemming for a client. I don't have that color thread. A trip to Joann's is in order.(giggle) The Jr.Prom is Saturday. The bra is attached to the dress. I need to fix that. It's making me crazy! White straps? no! no! no!

I have to hem my daughters dress too.I will show you her dress later. I didn't make her dress this year. :( I will make her Senior Ball Gown. She is going to draw it and I will make it for her. She can sketch, I cannot. If, I had both of these talents, I could be the next Vera Wang. LOL!

Have a Great Day!


Pat said...

That gown is simply gorgeous, Lori. Happy Quilting!

Allie said...

It's a pretty dress, but those white straps do stick out a mile, don't they? Enjoy your trip to Joann's, lol.