Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Fun!!

Log Cabin blocks are done!!They just need to be squared up. Then it's playtime!!!

All Jr. Prom gowns have been hemmed and returned to their owners! Here is the bottom of my daughters. I am squealing with excitement!!! Thanks to her gladiator shoes...NO hemming needed.
There are many layers under there. The dress is hanging there patiently, waiting for me to steam it. That is my major task for today.Does it make you think of chocolate? I am craving a Hershey Bar..I have been a good girl....No chocolate yet! LOL!
They are still calling for rain. Drats!! All we need is a few hours of no rain. Come on Mother with us. Be a team player!

Have a Great Day!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your log cabins are wonderful. Thanks for your sweet comment to me on Stash Manicure!

Allie said...

Pretty blocks - and oh that dress! Love the bottom! Let's hope for no rain!

Deanna said...

The log cabin blocks do look like fun. I look forward to seeing a finish project.

Pat said...

Lori, Those log cabin blocks are most beautiful, my dear friend. Such a nice job, and I surely love the patriotic theme. When I've done patriotic quilts, I've also added some yellow, for the service people who are deployed' and I add some black for our pow's. I do that on all of my red, white, and blue patriotic quilts. All of those (5) colors mean a lot to our veteran's.
I sometimes use yellow for the center, or just use yellow and black borders, with red, white, and blue combined.
Ond can also use some of those colors in a label on the back.
Be sure to sign, date, and name all of your quilts. If you don't embroider it, use a permanent marker and put all information on the back of a quilt, not on the front of any quilt. You can put the information on muslin, then sew the muslin on to the back of a quilt. But, no matter what quilt or wall hanging you make, put information on the back of it. No matter who it is to go to. That is very important.
I can hardly wait to see your quilt when it is finished.
I love your machine you got now. good luck with all of your sewing and your work. That dress is very nice too. You're also very fortunate to have your mother alive and with you. I lost my dear mother many years ago from lung cancer, and she never smoked a day in her life. Thanks for sharing. You and your dear mother havae a great day, and many more. I surely wish mine were here so I could share time with her. I love and miss her very much.
Happy Mother's Day!!!!! Happy Quilting!