Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where to go?

When, you feel stressed or overwhelmed or just need to get out of the house for 15 minutes? Hubby and I go here.It's the City Pier.We go for different reasons. The DH likes the water. He is a Pisces. Not me, I would be lucky to save myself in the water.

I go to people watch. This time of year there are allot of tourist. The same locals are fishing, running,or walking their dogs. If you go now, you will see allot of teens just "hanging out." Hard to believe, I use to be one of them.LOL!

There is a little circle turn around at the end of the Pier. In this circle, is this monument in front of a big Pine tree. (If you click on it, it will enlarge for you.)

It is Graduation Weekend, around here. I hope all Graduates, play it safe. Thirteen Years of your life, is a huge accomplishment! Yup, that includes you... Mr. Future Funeral Director!

I am thinking, I will need to make a pillow for Becca's graduation... to sit on. Her class is huge. Somewhere around 350 to 400.

Next week, we will go somewhere different. Probably, rich in history. I am a history nerd! I love to read and research it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dog / Cat Bed Tute ~ Part 1

Let me first say, I am not a pattern author. ;0)

We are making a pillow case and a pillow to insert. That's easy, right?

Size is up to you...There is a huge difference between, a cat and a lab. I am making my bed rectangle.

These are my "snippets." The pieces you trim off, when squaring up a block. Or the batting you trim off, before adding the binding. I cut the fabric into squares for future scrap quilts. What is left, is mixed poly fill for stuffing. Is this why my kids, call me a tree hug-er? LOL!

Here are examples of the Sherpa and cording. The cording is optional. When you purchase trims, be prepared to spend more $$$$. I always cover my dog/cat beds with small quilts. Then, I can just wash those, weekly.

Gather Your Supplies

~ sewing supplies (thread, sewing machine...ect)

~ Sherpa ( Jo Ann's has this. My Jo Ann's has it, near the felt)

~ Cording ( totally optional)******

~ stuffing (Poly Fill) and scraps

~ Poly cotton or muslin

~ Sew in Velcro or sticky backed Velcro

~ Some fabric for the back. ( think washable) I am going to use Corduroy. Denim would be great, too.

Pre-wash all fabrics.(except for your snippets) 100 % cotton shrinks and that, would not be good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

Here is my Dad with Gilly. Jeff and I, bought Gilly from a breeder, a few years ago. He was a Fathers Day present. Probably, my best one. Gilly was a stud, now retired. He and my Dad are having a retirement together. I love this breed, which probably, came from my Dad.

And to my husband, Happy Fathers Day! I know my girls don't show appreciation to you (they will regret that)... I do. You have given us a life that, I couldn't have provided to them on my own. At least, the fur babies do!

I will be Back later with the dog /cat Tutorial!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday and more...

Today, is a little less chaotic.(See previous post.) My daughter and her friend took that music, (I don't understand) over to her friends house. Hurray! All, I can think is... " To be 17." I don't want to go there.. again. Especially, in today's world. The 80's was a better time to be a teenager!

Here is Today's To-Do List:

~ Finish those pillow cases for Quilts of Valor.(I could not find them.) GRRR...

~Finish my tutorial for the Dog/Cat bed. Which will post tomorrow! Trust me, you will save $$$. If, you can quilt/sew can do this. Easy Peasy!

~Make a Basket "look pretty" for Fido Fest. Hubby and I, are going to Boome Towne for Fido Fest.You can check it out HERE. That would be today from 12-5 pm. We will be representing All Bassets Cherished, Basset Hound Rescue. You can visit them HERE.

Here is my Pink Saturday Photo for you to enjoy!

Her name Rafaella. I have a passion for butterflies. I hope your day turns into something lovely, just like a butterfly.

For more Pink Saturday fun, please click on over and say "HI" to Beverly at

Happy Pink Saturday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yeah! It's Friday! ~Spend the day with me! Updates every Five hours!

Sew-In Day!!!!

~Today, I have to finish hemming for a client. He claims, "he has NO pants." (Of course, he is teasing me.) At least...Let's hope that is the case. LOL!

~Then, I am off to my favorite Post office. ( This statement depends on the clerk.) I hope, the people that arrived before me, have not given the clerk a hard time. Customer service... Arrg! Cross your clerk is not having a bad day! Cause then, I will have to go into a Jim Carey performance. ~LOL!!! I will let you know how that goes.

~I did manage to gather my fabrics for:

Crazy Moms Quilt-Along! Click on the picture and go check it out! She is having a giveaway with a bazillion comments! It maybe, your lucky day!

Here are my Fabrics:

The background...Ohhh!

Fat quarters....AHHH!

I am off to make labels. I quilt isn't DONE til... it has a label... in my world!

12:24 pm

Done and Hung!!!

The Label!!!

This one is almost done! I need to find the pillow case.I will show it to you, later.

We are now switching from Quilter to Seamstress.

My DD blew out the seam in her PJ pants! Now, that is fixed.

Off, to get something to eat. Then, to play with my serger. I need it to hem Mr.No- Pants...Dockers. LOL! I will be back after 5pm.

Mr. No-Pants came and picked up his pants..He had pants on...I didn't expect he would be pant less. Some people have personalities that you can mess with, others do not appreciate humor. I can't imagine going through life, so serious.


Dominoes Pizza! I like their new recipe!

I will update again, early in the morning.Now, I am going to make some pillow cases.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Getting Ready!

Dinner planned ~ check

Projects Ready ~ almost...You can't rush these things! (giggle)

My assistant ~ I would say, she's on break! ( as usual) Bassets!

Blogger is being a pain and won't let me upload any more pictures! I will return later! Drats! I want to show you what the "Binding Goddess" did, yesterday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday WIP...

Today, call me "The binding Godess!" I feel the need to wrap a few projects up. My life has been a bit crazy! Over the past month, we have had two deaths in our extended family. A yard sale and now finals...

~On the Brighter Side~

I have found a local organization that will take all of my homeless quilts. They will distribute them to those in need.
The way this came about was fate, I think. I hemmed some pants for a very nice gentleman. We got to chatting and the subject came up.
Of course, he was standing in my sewing room. It's hard to miss Freddy and Cloe'..really...10 ft of loveliness!
Yup, Fate at work!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

The biggest hit of the yard sale!The Dogie condo!Many people muttered "That's too small for 4 dogs." Well, there was a crate hooked to the back! The dogs were stressed in the house and in the back yard.We put them where the action was. They hardly barked at the strangers.Others said it was a good idea!
People kill me! Maybe, they should keep negative thoughts to themselves. Kindness? There is a thought? This world could use a little more of that.

Dinner last night! The chicken was done in the smoker! Yummy!The DH had steak. I don't like steak. I know, I am wierd!

It is a day late (thanks to NY weather). My flag is flying, today.As you can see, it's beautiful outside, today!

Off to the sweat shop! Have a great day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day!

Can I just say..Yuck! I will NOT hang my American Flag outside... today! Mother Nature finds this funny? I think so...

To make myself feel better..I will decorate the inside of the house. Then, go play with Chloe and Freddy!!

Take that New York Weather!!!

I love New York...Really I do!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sum it Up ..Sunday

A little joke for you math teachers !

Hooray! The Junk Sale is OVER!My sewing/quilting room is a Mess! Hubby's car is packed full..Ready to be driven to Volunteers of America or The Salvation Army. Yeah!!

Any quilting/sewing stuff was saved for a few giveaways... HERE.. for my loyal readers.See, it pays to read my boring blog. ;)LOL!

Did you see this?

DEANNA this would be the perfect time to show that Blue wedding dress...I know, subtle as a jackhammer...LOL!!

I really want to see it! Find those pictures!No pressure of course. Giggle!

Moving On...

Dog/cat bed tutorial this week. (Check Back)

What else? ( I don't know.)

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday!

Almost 4:30 AM here on the east coast. I love getting up this early. The birds have just started to make noise. I wonder, what they are talking about? It's still dark. So, I guess you can say... I am an early bird! I wake up every day between 3am and 5am. The truth is, I enjoy the peace and quiet of the early morning.

Today is the big sale. I marked all the stuff cheap! I just want be gone. It's not coming back in the house. These yard sales are alot of work! (sigh)

It takes me a week to get through a normal Pink Saturday List. Not the Birthday Celebration... though.

Here is this Weeks photo:

Yeah, it's Miss Elly. She is the only one that would pose, next to the Pink Mister thing. Diva? Oh yes she is!

Two weeks ago, I did visit Dogmom Diva for the first time!
Barb is a creative individual! You should check her out.

The Bassets are having another Giveaway! You can check them out here

For more Pink please visit Beverly at

Friday, June 11, 2010

Help me ...Help them???

My blog buddies are the best! I need ideas, during these hard economic times. All money raised goes back to these sad looking, long eared creatures.. we call bassets.
Remember, I live in New York ( The state is bankrupt!)Grrr

So, all money raised covers Vet bills and other expenses a rescue incurs. No one is paid!

Dream Away... Quilters!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

FNS Anyone?

When - June 18, 2010

Click on over and link up! You will meet some creative people. It's just fun! Bobbi will be our Hostess while Heidi.. moves. Best Wishes to Heidi!

*****Coming Soon Dog/Cat Bed Tutorial*****

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This IS a Quilty Post!

The year - 1996

The day - Friday ( We got a Free band on Friday night!)

The date- August 2nd

Look how itty bitty my girls were! Why am I showing you this? Look what I found!

While sorting for my yard/junk sale on Saturday.. I found the scraps. I think..a quilt is in order. If you wish to maintain your sanity...Do not sew your own wedding gown and all the attendants in less than a month!
I was young and dumb! (That's my excuse!)

The girls picked their own dresses. I picked the color and fabric. It's a brocade. Why on earth did I pick that fabric? Because it had roses on it. I still love the fabric.I still have a thing for roses. (Much to my hubby's dismay.) He does NOT like them. They prick him. Probably, because ...he does not like them. LOL!!

The plan for the quilt:

Yes, the quilter is still Crazy!!
It's 5:21 am here on the east coast..Gotta get to work! My boss is a slave driver! LOL!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Kudos!

My first award goes to Keurig! We received a coffee maker like this for Xmas. Last week, it started acting funny. (I was not laughing!) Lori is a coffee junkie!

Hubby called Keurig and they sent a NEW one. I love when a company backs their product! Yes, they're costly but, worth every penny. We don't waste as much coffee. A simple NY girl likes hers... just as you see it.. fufu stuff.

My next award goes to a Texas Lady..She helped me get the fabric for the waddle on time. Thanks so much! Go check her site out! I spoke with her by phone, she is so kind. I wish, I had that southern accent.

Have a Great Day!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Waddle Recap

I love to leave home but,I am glad to be back! A Homebody?? Shut-In?? Maybe, a bit of both!

I think, you can click on these pictures to enlarge for easy viewing.

Some wore hats!

Here I am! (yuck!) Walking Potsie and Miss Stevie Nicks! I think, Miss Stevie Nicks will find her "forever home" very soon. Then, you can all cry with me! I have spent so much time teaching her and loving her it's gonna be hard to give her up.

How do people do this with humans? I really don't know...

Here is the back of one of the floats! ABCBHR is going green! All of these decorations are reusable! The fabric came from Texas to NY in 2 days!! Gotta luv the Priority Pony!!! LOL!

Here is the front! I couldn't find the fabric with the little red, ruby shoes. That.. is what I wanted but, the blue fabric had wands on it and is part of the same fabric line (sigh).

Now, I am off to Dink around with my serger that is acting up! If, you have know they are ...Temper mental!!! Nothing like a sewing machine...Sergers are their own breed.

Wish me Luck! If you hear cursing..It's just me talking to it!!! ~ LOL

Friday, June 4, 2010

Waddle Ready???

Well, Almost...I work best under pressure! Like a pressure cooker???

This picture makes me giggle!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Giveaway Day!!


Random numbers generated Jun 3 2010 at 14:6:11 by
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Who was: Loretta

She said:

Happy pink Saturday! You have such a lovely blog; I enjoyed your post. PS: I'm not a quilter but I'd sure love to be!

Thank-You Loretta! Hmmm.. maybe, we can persuade her?? Bring her over to the wild side!! ~LOL!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Hump Day !!

Yup, it's Wednesday! A busy day for me!

Here are a few reminders:

~ Don't forget to enter the Pink Saturday Giveaway!(scroll down)

~ For more of my banter (lol!)visit the ABC's Blog and enter their giveaway! Yes, that is me, too. Just look at my sidebar (on the right).
Potsie is smart, but he can't type. Shhh... Don't tell him I said that. He is already stubborn enough! Bassets! LOL!

~If, I haven't visited your Pink Saturday Post yet...I will. There are a bagillion of them. (Maybe, that is an exageration...but, there are alot.) I can only sit for so long. I get ants in my pants! LOL!!!

Happy Hump Day!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Plans

Today, I will be playing with this fabric.ABCBHR is going green. I am cutting this fabric up to decorate the floats for the "No Place Like Home Waddle." You can read all about it here

Maybe, I will have to haul out my yearbook from 1987 for inspiration!! Oh dear !

I am going to use a wavy blade to cut the fabric. Super, heavy duty, sticky Velcro for the trailer and sew on Velcro for the fabric side. Other than that...I do not know.

A work in progress! I am thinking of using bows every ___ amount of feet?

Any Suggestions????