Friday, June 18, 2010

Yeah! It's Friday! ~Spend the day with me! Updates every Five hours!

Sew-In Day!!!!

~Today, I have to finish hemming for a client. He claims, "he has NO pants." (Of course, he is teasing me.) At least...Let's hope that is the case. LOL!

~Then, I am off to my favorite Post office. ( This statement depends on the clerk.) I hope, the people that arrived before me, have not given the clerk a hard time. Customer service... Arrg! Cross your clerk is not having a bad day! Cause then, I will have to go into a Jim Carey performance. ~LOL!!! I will let you know how that goes.

~I did manage to gather my fabrics for:

Crazy Moms Quilt-Along! Click on the picture and go check it out! She is having a giveaway with a bazillion comments! It maybe, your lucky day!

Here are my Fabrics:

The background...Ohhh!

Fat quarters....AHHH!

I am off to make labels. I quilt isn't DONE til... it has a label... in my world!

12:24 pm

Done and Hung!!!

The Label!!!

This one is almost done! I need to find the pillow case.I will show it to you, later.

We are now switching from Quilter to Seamstress.

My DD blew out the seam in her PJ pants! Now, that is fixed.

Off, to get something to eat. Then, to play with my serger. I need it to hem Mr.No- Pants...Dockers. LOL! I will be back after 5pm.

Mr. No-Pants came and picked up his pants..He had pants on...I didn't expect he would be pant less. Some people have personalities that you can mess with, others do not appreciate humor. I can't imagine going through life, so serious.


Dominoes Pizza! I like their new recipe!

I will update again, early in the morning.Now, I am going to make some pillow cases.


marie said...

Love your fabrics for the quilt-along!

Deanna said...

Beautiful fabric! I can't wait to see the quilt. Have fun tonight! I'll be there, too.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Lori--you simply crack me up! Post-after-post, I find myself giggling, shaking my head!

Glad you had a selfish "YOU" day (aside from when you had to hem the Mr. No-Pant's pants). Can't wait to see those FQ's come to life with Amanda's quilt-along.