Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dog / Cat Bed Tute ~ Part 1

Let me first say, I am not a pattern author. ;0)

We are making a pillow case and a pillow to insert. That's easy, right?

Size is up to you...There is a huge difference between, a cat and a lab. I am making my bed rectangle.

These are my "snippets." The pieces you trim off, when squaring up a block. Or the batting you trim off, before adding the binding. I cut the fabric into squares for future scrap quilts. What is left, is mixed poly fill for stuffing. Is this why my kids, call me a tree hug-er? LOL!

Here are examples of the Sherpa and cording. The cording is optional. When you purchase trims, be prepared to spend more $$$$. I always cover my dog/cat beds with small quilts. Then, I can just wash those, weekly.

Gather Your Supplies

~ sewing supplies (thread, sewing machine...ect)

~ Sherpa ( Jo Ann's has this. My Jo Ann's has it, near the felt)

~ Cording ( totally optional)******

~ stuffing (Poly Fill) and scraps

~ Poly cotton or muslin

~ Sew in Velcro or sticky backed Velcro

~ Some fabric for the back. ( think washable) I am going to use Corduroy. Denim would be great, too.

Pre-wash all fabrics.(except for your snippets) 100 % cotton shrinks and that, would not be good.

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Allie said...

My kitty is going to love you. LOL!