Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where to go?

When, you feel stressed or overwhelmed or just need to get out of the house for 15 minutes? Hubby and I go here.It's the City Pier.We go for different reasons. The DH likes the water. He is a Pisces. Not me, I would be lucky to save myself in the water.

I go to people watch. This time of year there are allot of tourist. The same locals are fishing, running,or walking their dogs. If you go now, you will see allot of teens just "hanging out." Hard to believe, I use to be one of them.LOL!

There is a little circle turn around at the end of the Pier. In this circle, is this monument in front of a big Pine tree. (If you click on it, it will enlarge for you.)

It is Graduation Weekend, around here. I hope all Graduates, play it safe. Thirteen Years of your life, is a huge accomplishment! Yup, that includes you... Mr. Future Funeral Director!

I am thinking, I will need to make a pillow for Becca's graduation... to sit on. Her class is huge. Somewhere around 350 to 400.

Next week, we will go somewhere different. Probably, rich in history. I am a history nerd! I love to read and research it.


Allie said...

What a lovely spot! I go to the beach to de-stress, when I can get there. When I lived in Port Huron, MI, I would drive down to the city park near the bridge to Canada and just sit and watch the freighters and boats, so soothing.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOL...LOVE the label! "Arm Chair Tours"

Well, THANKS for the tour.
Our local hangout is the beach on our 2,580 acre lake (our = town, not our = my family's) ;0)