Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday WIP...

Today, call me "The binding Godess!" I feel the need to wrap a few projects up. My life has been a bit crazy! Over the past month, we have had two deaths in our extended family. A yard sale and now finals...

~On the Brighter Side~

I have found a local organization that will take all of my homeless quilts. They will distribute them to those in need.
The way this came about was fate, I think. I hemmed some pants for a very nice gentleman. We got to chatting and the subject came up.
Of course, he was standing in my sewing room. It's hard to miss Freddy and Cloe'..really...10 ft of loveliness!
Yup, Fate at work!

Have a great day!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Enjoy your day binding! So, what "mindless show" will you have on the TV in the background during the binding madness?

FUN BRIGHT looking green!

Deanna said...

Good for you--the binding and the charity. And, I'm glad you survived all the chaos.