Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This IS a Quilty Post!

The year - 1996

The day - Friday ( We got a Free band on Friday night!)

The date- August 2nd

Look how itty bitty my girls were! Why am I showing you this? Look what I found!

While sorting for my yard/junk sale on Saturday.. I found the scraps. I think..a quilt is in order. If you wish to maintain your sanity...Do not sew your own wedding gown and all the attendants in less than a month!
I was young and dumb! (That's my excuse!)

The girls picked their own dresses. I picked the color and fabric. It's a brocade. Why on earth did I pick that fabric? Because it had roses on it. I still love the fabric.I still have a thing for roses. (Much to my hubby's dismay.) He does NOT like them. They prick him. Probably, because ...he does not like them. LOL!!

The plan for the quilt:

Yes, the quilter is still Crazy!!
It's 5:21 am here on the east coast..Gotta get to work! My boss is a slave driver! LOL!


Michele said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for joining my blog, and participating in the giveaway. I, too, am a dog lover. We have 5 at the moment....2 Cairns, one teeny terrier of uncertain heredity, and two large strays that found their way here. I have become a follower of yours, and look forward to seeing the things you are up to. Michele

Deanna said...

One of the first quilts I ever made (I need to dig it out and blog it) was out of velour scraps from shirts my mother made me in junior high. When I found all that jewel tone loveliness I just had to do something with it and it became my daughter's first birthday present.