Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Waddle Recap

I love to leave home but,I am glad to be back! A Homebody?? Shut-In?? Maybe, a bit of both!

I think, you can click on these pictures to enlarge for easy viewing.

Some wore hats!

Here I am! (yuck!) Walking Potsie and Miss Stevie Nicks! I think, Miss Stevie Nicks will find her "forever home" very soon. Then, you can all cry with me! I have spent so much time teaching her and loving her it's gonna be hard to give her up.

How do people do this with humans? I really don't know...

Here is the back of one of the floats! ABCBHR is going green! All of these decorations are reusable! The fabric came from Texas to NY in 2 days!! Gotta luv the Priority Pony!!! LOL!

Here is the front! I couldn't find the fabric with the little red, ruby shoes. That.. is what I wanted but, the blue fabric had wands on it and is part of the same fabric line (sigh).

Now, I am off to Dink around with my serger that is acting up! If, you have know they are ...Temper mental!!! Nothing like a sewing machine...Sergers are their own breed.

Wish me Luck! If you hear cursing..It's just me talking to it!!! ~ LOL

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Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Lori, thanks for stopping by my blog..I just love your pictures AND your bassets..what great dogs they are! We used to work with Greyhound rescue before we moved so much and hoping to do that again one rewarding and those dogs KNOW they have been rescued.
Have a blessed day!