Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

September 1, 2010

I love September! My favorite month. Please hold all birthday cards until, November. :0)

Autumn is on it's way. You can't tell by today's forecast but, really it is. (90's here!)

Kids go back to school.

Leaves start to change.

Labor Day ! Picnic food is yummy.

Here are some pictures :

Waiting for this..

Soups on!
This one brings a bag of mixed emotions. Last kid, last year of high school. I can't believe it!

In my mind, I see this:

September, 1996
Before I know it, June will be here. I will have pictures similar to this.
Then, it will be "See ya Later, Canandaigua Academy!" Except for the tax bill, of! I am happy about that!  Another new chapter....
School starts next Thursday.

My oldest should be giving birth this week! I am excited...a girl! I know a little something about them or at least... I should.

Have a Great Day!