Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday and more...

Today, is a little less chaotic.(See previous post.) My daughter and her friend took that music, (I don't understand) over to her friends house. Hurray! All, I can think is... " To be 17." I don't want to go there.. again. Especially, in today's world. The 80's was a better time to be a teenager!

Here is Today's To-Do List:

~ Finish those pillow cases for Quilts of Valor.(I could not find them.) GRRR...

~Finish my tutorial for the Dog/Cat bed. Which will post tomorrow! Trust me, you will save $$$. If, you can quilt/sew can do this. Easy Peasy!

~Make a Basket "look pretty" for Fido Fest. Hubby and I, are going to Boome Towne for Fido Fest.You can check it out HERE. That would be today from 12-5 pm. We will be representing All Bassets Cherished, Basset Hound Rescue. You can visit them HERE.

Here is my Pink Saturday Photo for you to enjoy!

Her name Rafaella. I have a passion for butterflies. I hope your day turns into something lovely, just like a butterfly.

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Happy Pink Saturday!


brii said...

don't worry..17, 18, 21, 24, 25years
are all the same! :)))

be strong, hold tight!!
happy pink saturday my dear!!


nannykim said...

Ah ha and I thought it might be a sweet little bat! Cute.

Allie said...

You have been crazy busy, girl! Love that flag quilt!

The Tablescaper said...

Such a cutie!

Looking forward to having you join us on the 20th for Summer Sundays!

- The Tablescaper

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh..I'm visiting a day too late again, but I'm here..that's what counts doesn't it? So, Happy Belated Pink Saturday to you and I hope you'll visit my PS-post and enter my give-away! Love, Esther XX

A Write Life said...

Happy belated pink day.

fiberdoodles said...

Just breeeathe ~ Happy belated Pink Saturday :0)

Rachel said...

Love it. Funny how the years we were teens were always the best years to be a teen, my grandma said it, my mom said it, now I am saying it and I am sure my son will say it one day too!! :)

Happy quilting!