Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the Mail

Okay, It's NOT Dolly ! Insert naughty word _________. The package was not big enough!

Don't know who Dolly is? Well, you must visit to find out!

If, I can't have Dolly...I will take scrappy four patches! Thanks San! When your ready to ship her, let me know!


Gypsy Quilter said...

This morning I was "almost" ready to send her. She was really acting out on our walk. 90 lbs is a lot to handle when I've not had my full morning cup of caffeine. I know she would love to play with your dogs. Perhaps next summer she'll be ready to go to camp at Aunt Lori's house. Can she travel by train I wonder? Can you not just see that big fluffy face hanging out a train window!

Allie said...

Well! Dolly sure is a Presence! You'd have to Dolly-proof your sewing room for sure....but oh she's a pretty one!
Love the 4-patches you got!

Jingle said...

delicate crafts..