Friday, July 2, 2010

Blogging Plans and Today's List

The Dog/cat bed tutorial will start on Monday!

It's the Fourth of July Weekend here in the USA! My favorite summer holiday, not because of the picnics or fireworks (those are cool) but, it was the birth of a Nation. ( history nerd)

I am lucky to be an American! Let us add, Female to that!

Today, I have a few swaps to finish. I am a bit.. behind! ~Drats

Pants to hem for a client.

Then, on to these:

The intended destination, Alycia over at

We will see, how I do? Cross your fingers! Knock on wood or something?

Blogging Plans

Saturday- Pink Saturday ! Red, White, and Blue theme.

Sunday 7/4/2010- Yet, another Arm Chair Tour! The History in this place, I call home is Amazing! I think, you will enjoy it! If not, humor me. LOL!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Enjoy the weekend! I'm heading out-of-town, so I'll think of you sewing away (and not me)! :0(

Allie said...

I love history too - but can't remember a date to save my life. Love those blocks!