Friday, July 23, 2010

Flying Solo with Santa ?

6:26 am here, on the east coast. It's raining cats and dogs, outside my window. A peaceful sound for sure. No lightening, just the sound of rain.

Speaking of peaceful sounds, you must check this website out  . I bought his Autumn CD, last weekend. This weekend, I am going to purchase his Xmas CD.

Sunday, is the 25th ! The day, I start my Xmas sewing. Maybe, I will be done by September or October! That's my goal. Cross your fingers :0)!

Tonight is the Sew-In! I will be at that rated R girl party! That should be fun! So, I will do my sew-in this afternoon. Click on over and link up! ( the button on my sidebar) 

Meet Sue and Sam! I am sick of them! Today, I will throw some borders on and call them a top! Off to load the Bailey!
Have a good one!

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Deanna said...

I signed up for the sew-in at the last minute. Trying to fit in some sewing time and trying out a new idea. We'll see how it goes.