Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Blursday!

Here is the first official harvest from the garden! Pictured with my new favorite magazine! I love Rachel ! (She is a NY girl!) We would look like Mutt and Jeff. Me 6' and her maybe, 5' 3" but, I wouldn't care! Call me Rach! ( A girl can dream...)

With no help from my Butler ...This is as good, as it gets! I am going to oil the machine..See the Carnations, Hubby bought those for me.Yup.... spoiled. I need  a bulletin board!  For all those stray papers.

I am signing up for this. Sometimes, I need a kick in the pants. Em gives those out for free! (just kidding) She is too nice! Click for details on my sidebar.

Have a Great Day!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

BOY---your post jumped all over today, truly a "BLUR"sday post :0) I was hoping to have a "WIP WEDNESDAY" like you yesterday, but this math class is cramping my quilting-time.

Enjoy your day!

Deanna said...

We can be scrap happy together. :)