Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back at the Ranch..

We are all just trying to ride this heat wave out. Poor Fur babies! This is Miss Elly the last few days. Not much I can do, to help them. Lots of H2O and ice cubes.

Something for my July secret pal! Over on the Quilting Board.

And while shopping for her, I can't forget, myself. I love butterflies. I can rock this! It's costume jewelry but, I love it. Real or fake doesn't matter to me!

Ahh the layout of the Log Cabin Blocks! We have been on and off with our cable! That's Internet, phone, and TV. Hopefully, those issues are resolved. Our house is wireless. So, I would log on the computer and get kicked off. GRRR!

Downloading pictures was a joke. (I was not Laughing!) Maybe, we are back on track!


Maison Mutt said...

Awwww, give Miss Elly a pat pat for me. My dogs love this, she may too:
Take 2 cups of apple juice and a banana. Whir in blender and pour into ice cube tray. They love the coolness and the bit of natural sugar gives them a boost! ~Niki

AllyJo said...

Yo Lori!!! I think y'all are hotter up there than we are in Florida. Shux.

I finally introduced myself on the quilting board today. I'm Texan stuck in Florida or something like that. Go say hi to me. LOL

AllyJo said...

oh yeah, forgot to get back to you on the swap. I can do it when ever you want. I just got busy and forgetful this summer. Let's decide what to do. What colors do you need?

Dogmom Diva said...

Hi Lori, oh poor thing so hot..all you can do is provide shade which i see she is fine in the house, and lots of water, somehow we all make it through the heat! Its hot here in the SoCal desert, but not very humid anyway.

Love your log cabin quilt blocks, and the other goodies are awesome!

Hope it cools down for you soon!


Allie said...

Our babies have been suffering too - thank goodness the heat finally broke [for now]. Love your butterfly. Your log cabins look wonderful. I hope your cable stays on!