Thursday, July 29, 2010

Doll Quilt Addiction ?

Yes, I am addicted! I can now show you the piece, I sent my partner.

I used ultra violet thread to quilt it. Inside the thread appears white and outside the thread appears magenta. Cool right? It doesn't take much to thrill me. In the sewing/quilting room, anyway.

I have learned, I should not be so lazy. When binding a quilt by machine... use your walking foot, Lori!With these little quilts, I can get away with using my 1/4 " foot but, bigger  than 24" I must switch to my walking foot ...Grrrr!

Have a Great Day!


Deanna said...

Live and learn...and forget...and learn again. That is much of life.

Allie said...

Oh Lori that is just darling!!! I love making little quilts - such quick satisfaction!

em's scrapbag said...

It's like the fairies in sleeping beauty. Beautiful little creation. Good job!