Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Monday!!!

The first official victim (quilt) is loaded and ready for Freddy and his new girlfriend_______. I haven't named her yet. Check back tomorrow for a giveaway/contest about that. All machines must have a name...right?

This victim (quilt) is from my stash and after completion will be sent off to Downy~Quilts for Kids, along with the quilt they sent me. If you wish to request your own visit

Ahhh...rhubarb! I love it! This will transform into a pie, today. Maybe, I have enough for salsa? I want to try out a couple of new recipes.
My neighbor and former 12Th grade English teacher brought it over from her garden.
Thanks Sandy! She can't take that dreaded RED pen to my Blog LOL!!!(Blogger should have a grammar button.)I would use it often!

Here is a pic from Saturday. It's from the back seat. We were on the way to the "Breakfast with Bassets." Who is the tan/white basset? That is Stevie, our foster. You can read all about her here

Last but not Least

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Sue!!! She is _0 today! She is pictured on the left next to my Dad.I dug deep but, I found a picture!!!LOL !!! No camera hiding from me!!

Have a Great Day!


Deanna said...

Hmmm...I'll have to put on my naming hat. Too bad my Grandfather isn't still alive. He was the best at names. But, I'll try to come up with something.

sue14625 said...

why Ty missy burn that picture now Aunt Sue oh i forgot i love Rhubarb Pie and

Mr Lonely said...

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Allie said...

Oh yes she must have a name! Pretty quilt, can't wait to see what girlfriend can do.
I don't like rhubarb, but I think it would be good in salsa! The puppies look adorable and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Aunt Sue!