Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Week..New Projects

Hubby and I are off to.. Pet co this afternoon. An information table for ABC.
I am excited to talk to people about bassets!
When something is your passion...It's Exciting!!

We will be taking the crew. Wait til you see what hubby made! I will show you on Monday.

Here is my box of " snippets." (You know those trimmings..that are too little to do anything with.) I am making Stevie a pet bed. I hope this helps, her.. make the transition to her forever home, a little easier. It will at least.. help me. I can't imagine how human foster parents do this?
I hunted all day yesterday for... lambs wool for the top of her bed. Yup, up in the crawl space. Hubby went up there. Totes ..Totes ..Totes.... I will use up some of this stuff...Someday? Honest, I will!

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Allie said...

You are so right, it is exciting to do something you love! Can't wait to see what hubby made. The bed sounds lovely.