Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Monday!

Here is our set up from yesterday! We had sooo much fun. We talked to people about bassets, other dogs, and cats. The folks at Petco are so kind. They really go the extra mile for rescue organizations.

Here is the board my hubby made.It folds in half for easy transport.I think, you can click on the pick for a close-up.
The pictures are attached with that double-sided scrap booking tape. So, we can change them.
Next month, I will make a table cloth. I am going to use double-knit. It hangs well and doesn't wrinkle.

Okay, Here is something else, I received in the mail. I am not excited about it. I can't run like some of my blog buddies. I have old basketball injuries and I would fall flat on my face. ( Stumble Lina not Ballerina) LOL!! Sad but,true.

If it is good enough for the military then, it must be good enough for me!

Have a Happy!


allsewnup said...

What a great thing you do with the bassets. I hope you touched a few folks and got them thinking abouT adding a new member to their family. We've been blessed with 2 additions. One from the golden retreiver rescue and our rottweiler from theSPCA. Keep up the great work.


Allie said...

Great job on your setup! I think I'd much rather do that than that workout thingy - *shudder* I feel faint, I think I need chocolate. Stumbleina - too funny!!!!!!!!