Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tuesday Treasure

While searching for the lambs wool, I found this! I wore this some years ago! ( I can't believe it.) Duchess Satin all made from my Moms wedding gown. I am glad she did this. I would have NEVER fit into her wedding gown.She was a size 0, maybe???
She stood 5'8" and I am 6'.
Now, Mom is a little shorter. ( Time does this people!)

Here is the whole outfit. I love the coat! Mom said some elderly lady made it in RI.
Yup, some seamstress. I get those looks from my clients. You know, you in vision someone to look a certain way...and they look totally different? Human nature, I suppose????

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Allie said...

That is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! I'm really in awe of folks that can make stuff like that. And from your mom's wedding dress, how special!

I think I was 7 when I tried on my mom's wedding suit. It was her second marriage [my dad had died] so she wore a linen suit. IT DIDN'T FIT. She was 5'2 and a size zero - I'm 5'8 and was a size 2. I have no idea how tall I was at the time, but sheesh, she was TINY!

AllyJo said...

OMGosh, that is so awesome. How wonderful. This is such a great idea. I still have my wedding dress and have thouht about cutting it up a bunch of times. GREAT! IDEA! Thanks for sharing.