Thursday, May 27, 2010

In the Mail

I **Heart ** my mail lady! I received this book, yesterday. Yup, Better Homes and Gardens has my number! Of course, I am going to purchase this book. LOL!!

Here is my youngest daughter, holding a Doll Quilt. She wants this DQ. No way..Nadda..Nope!! The label says To Elly's Mom...and she is not Elly's Mom..I am!!
It's part of a DQ swap over on the Quilting Board.

These little quilts are ADDICTING! They don't take long to make. You can try new techniques and I learn so much from this group.

Thanks Chele! You will have yours very soon!

Here is my DQ'S new home.The center piece is from Party Lite! (Just in case your curious.)Another one of my little addictions!
I am having a book party right now.I don't do well with the home parties... for some reason???

Have a Great Day!!!


AllyJo said...

I love mini quilts and want to make more. What group is this? Is this book a giveaway too? :) me likey

em's scrapbag said...

That is absolutely adorable! Cute as can be!

Deanna said...

Books are a better addiction than many things I could name.

Allie said...

The book looks great - LOVE that DQ! I can see why your daughter wants it, lol!

Alycia said...

I kind of agree with your daughter - I want it too. That is really cute. Where are you going to put it?