Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

The Word of the Day is:

(Yes, a little too much Sesame Street) LOL

Here are my Herloom Tomatoes. Sitting on the counter. Can I really plant them? We have had some wacky weather. They are under warranty.. 90 Days from the good folks at Cottage Farms.Here is there website
They really do stand behind that warranty. (I have had personal experience with it, roses being the culprit.)

Here is that old UFO from who knows how long ago??? I am going to throw it together, today.
This will help me keep my mind off.. my mouth. The Princess of Procrastination (me) has an abcess. Yup!! I am no dentist, nurse,or doctor but, I remember this pain. Ya see, I have a molar that should have been pulled months ago....It didn't hurt, it was dead. :( So, I let it go...and.. now I have a problem. A swollen right cheek, warm to the touch, and of course...Pain.
You would think a former CNA / EMT would know better?
Well, This princess (LOL!!) is off to beg for an antibiotic. (kicking herself)
Have a Great Day!


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Ugh! Don't even MENTION the "D" word around me!!! I would rather do the nastiest nasty thing in the whole wide world that go to the dentist......ugh-ugh-ugh! I am sorry to hear about your mouth and hopefully you've been given some good drugs until it's able to be taken care of.

Your UFO is beautiful and I can't wait to see it come together!!! Blues are alwasy such an amazing color combination....

Allie said...

Hey, that's one of my favorite words, lol! We've had wacky weather too, I don't know if I'd plant them just yet. Pretty UFO - but oh Lori, an abcess!!!!! OUCH! Get some painkillers with those antibiotics! I hope you feel better soon.