Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tuesday Bluesday.....

Yesterday, this child informed me she is
NO longer a freshman in highschool.
Monday was the last day of
regular classes. Regents week still needs to
be completed. ( this is my youngest)

Pictured here is my oldest, who will be wearing the cap
and gown next June.(can I scream now?) I am sad yet happy....

Picture of the Day
Miss Elly says -" Chin up Mommy"


AllyJo said...

My girl graduates next year too. I keep thinking about it and I feel overwhelming sadness, even though I don't tell her this too often. I had her when I was very young and we have grown up together. She's my best friend (besides my husband) and I can't live without her. I hope she doesn't get married and lives with Mommy all her life.

I'm a proud dysfunctional parent. :(

AllyJo said...

Miss Elly looks like she's whistling. (sp?)