Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to two family members today! Pictured at the left is my mother in law, Carol. She is 21 today. lol I hope she has a great day!

The next birthday girl would be my sister Gail. She is the baby in our family. Gail, nice job avoiding the camera during graduation. I did manage to find a picture and scan it in. (this is a miracle) Sorry your head is cut off. I didn't take that picture. lol
Happy Birthday Ladies!!!
I would sing but, I will spare everyone!!!!


Julie said...

Happy birthday to them from me too! They certainly look happy.
Your date night sounds great too.

AllyJo said...

Affirmative my friend. Open the window and the universe absorb all their junk. My kids and husband have junk. My junk is good stuff. *cheesy grin*

AllyJo said...

My daughter and my husband loved The Giver. I haven't read it yet.