Thursday, June 12, 2008

From the Garden- Peace is Found

A brief tour. Not all, just some of my garden. Be warned ....I don't like Roses.

Transplanted from backyard to front yard last week.

Newly planted Climbing Roses.

My favorite Rose Bush. A Mothers Day present 1996.

Picture of the Day - We hope you enjoyed the view.


AllyJo said...

My daughter is standing over my shoulder and she loves your dog too.

I love antique, climbing roses. We rent and I'm miserable because I can't plant, or won't plant. I had some really neat climbling roses back in Texas. Someday....

I'll have roses again. My husband PROMISED me a rose garden, and I'll hold him to it.

Yes sirree (how do you spell that?)

Best wishes and good, positive thoughts for your day.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Catching up on your blog..
THANKS for the tutorial on the iron board cover. I will print out and keep handy!

To hyperlink....not difficult

type the following in < > brackets
a href="http://www.address-here.html"
After the >bracket, give the user some words to "click on" for the link. Then end the entire link with /a inside the < > brackets again.

[a href=""] Blogger site [/a]
But again use the < > brackets and NOT the [ ] brackets.

Hope that helps!