Thursday, June 19, 2008

Awake Before The Chickens,Birds....Ect

I am always awake before most creatures.Here I am at 2pm taking a nap with Miss Elly. Good picture, I think. I always look like a dork anyway. So.. my face is covered with hair.Oh well..We love nap time or as I refer to it as our "afternoon siesta." (sp?) I didn't take Spanish. I took French. lol

To Do List

  • Continue Working on the OC

  • Work on quilt for Alycia (Quilts of Valor)

Photo of the Day

Miss Elly wants to meet "Uncle Gilly"


AllyJo said...

That is too funny. We were seperated at birth. We like the same fabric. We both take afternoon naps. What more is there?

I wake up hours before everyone else and by lunch time, I'm ready to go back to bed. That's when everyone else is finally feeling more awake. I married a night owl and he married a morning person. *sigh*

AllyJo said...

I was gonna tell you I need to work on my Orange Crush too, but I'm waiting at the store for a shipment of cheddars. I wanted to see what we got before I decided what to do with the orange crush part. I may just go ahead and finish it, but then the next day, the new cheddars would come. I'm making it for my brother and I don't even know if he likes orange. I may go red.

WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE MY NEXT POST. I'm waiting on my daughter to get up so she can help me down load pictures. I'm an idiot with technology.

BUT, I can work my sewing machine and that's all that matters in life.

AllyJo said...

OK, my post is up. Go check it out.