Friday, June 13, 2008

Fabulous Friday- the 13th?

Today, We have spent much of our time planting. Pictured at the left is Mitzie lovin on Jeff.( I think she wanted to play Ball)
As for Friday the 13th, positive thoughts are keeping bad karma away.
No sewing or quilting yet today. *sigh*

Maybe later.....I hope

Picture of the Day- I am learning to use Paint. Miss Elly is cropped out of a photo and the background was changed.


AllyJo said...

Do you want to do a noodle swap? I need some and I lost my source.

Be sure to check out my quilts I just put up. I'm anxious for my friends to see.

Hooches and smugs. <----those are for Ella

AllyJo said...

Sorry Miss Elly, I spelled your name wrong orginally. Don't cry. You look so sad. I take back. Honest.