Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Change = New Opportunity

This is our wedding August, 1996. Its a sample of what my little home based business use to do.( I made all of these in about 3-4 weeks.) Young and dumb, I think. I loved being a part of one of someones most "Special Day." I can no longer compete with those ninety-nine dollar racks.
Most of my work originated from pictures or drawings. If my customer could draw it...I could make it. If I could draw ...I would be a Designer. I can draw a very nice stick figure. LOL!!!
Notice the flower girls. Those are my babies. (A second marriage for Hubby and I) They were sooo little.
Back to my plan. I think after too much thought, agony ,and tears I am going to teach sewing/quilting to others. I will still do simple stuff (hemming,curtains...etc). I love to teach others. I get GREAT satisfaction watching others accomplish something they thought they could "Not Do." I think quilting / sewing lessons are too expensive. I can do this out of my home. I don't have to leave = cheaper prices. I may work part time or volunteer somewhere in the fall.( I must use that degree that should be in the mail any day now..) be patient Lori ! I say to myself. Come on FLCC ...I am waiting. : )

Picture of the Day
Miss Elly wants to be a Therapy Dog ! She wants to visit Nursing Homes. She said so. I think she can make others smile.


Amanda said...

What a good idea Lori, to teach other people. As an ex-teacher (childbirth classes and school) I can remember how satisfying a job it can be. And I think Miss Elly's correct - she certainly makes me smile!

AllyJo said...

Miss Elly is good therapy for me everyday. Miss Elly should use her strengths to comfort others. She's a good girl.

I think it's a good idea to teach too. I have thought about it for years myself. All these little girls and their mom's beg me to teach them. I agree. Quilting and classes are very expensive. Everyone should be able to do it, even poor people like me. :)

Julie said...

Good luck on your new career. It sounds like you are very well qualified! Miss Elly can help the students when they need that little bit of "cute motivation."

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Beautiful Wedding Photo....and as for your plan to teach what a great idea...and yes Miss Elly is correct, she would definaltey bring a smile to everyones face she is so "cute"....

AllyJo said...

I meant to tell you that you were a beautiful bride. You're little girls are so pretty. We were married in 94, a second marriage for me and his first. July 1st is our anniversary and I'll be at camp babysitting a bunch of rotten kids. They are sweet kids, but I would rather be with my honey on our anniversary. *sniff*