Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lunch or a Lite Dinner?

A sandwiched quilt. Ready to quilt. It was a internet download and I can't remember its name or its original creator.(shame on me) I think it was called Wavy Stars and Stripes. If you happen to know please let me know.

Now on the side you can choose from noodles or binding.I cut, and cut, and cut more noodles. Above is my closet which I wouldn't dare open before this past weekend. Its better now. At least I can open it and not be hit in the head. I must go and sort more.


AllyJo said...

A Q-Tip huh? Girl, you crack me up. I think I'm keeping you as a friend. That was so funny! You made me laugh. Funny friends are the best. God bless you today.

AllyJo said...

Please come to my house and cut some fabric for me. It kills my neck and back.

I love your dog. I want to snuggle with him.

I also like that quilt. I want that pattern. VERY nice.

Suzanna said...

she is a got getter this neice of mine