Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sewin Saturday- Happy Flag Day

Today I am roped to my machine.In honor of Flag Day, I am going to finish this. I also have a pillow quilt to throw together for my husbands grandson. He is 3. Happy Birthday Dakota! (Pictures of him to come tomorrow.)

Picture of the Day
Miss Elly wishes all a Happy Flag Day!


AllyJo said...

I really love that flag quilt. Do you have a pattern for that, or did I already ask you? Our whole family is in the military basically and that would be a nice gift for someone.

I'm working at the quilt store today. Let me get you some noodles you could use. Use your noodle, do the noodle dance. hahahaha

Seriously, what colors do you need? I get a discount, plus we have gobs on the 50% off bench.

AllyJo said...

Elly, you make flag day special. You make everyday special.

How old is she?

AllyJo said...

I need lights too. I'm a pastel, flower child kinda woman. I love anything with flowers, but I really need neutrals.

I was thinking yesterday about how I need to watch for lights and neutrals on the sale shelf. I'm always drawn to something happy, but not until you're sewing do you realize....AACK!!! I don't have enough lights or neutrals!

Do you like reproductions or more contemporary brighter stuff? Muddy or clear fabric? LOL I tend to lean towards the mud. HA!

Nicole and Phil said...

This is a great flag quilt!