Monday, June 16, 2008

Meet Gilly

Pictured here are my Dad and his new buddy Gilly. Jeff and I purchased him from a wonderful breeder. Gilly is five and has fathered ten beautiful pups. Gilly is ready to retire to the country.
Yesterday, without my dad knowing Mom, Dad, Jeff, and I took a "Road Trip" to pick up Gilly. My Dad is happy. He has always wanted a basset.I was determined to make that wish come true!
Now my Dad and Gilly can spend their retirement together in the country.

A Special Thank You to Janice and Billy from

No Quilting or Sewing News Today!

Pictures of the Day
Miss Elly would like to lick Dakotas cake face clean!
* yummy*


AllyJo said...

Wow. What an awesome Father's Day gift. I love Gilly's feet. You are such a sweet daughter.

AllyJo said...

I don't know, it's just something about his feet tells me his trustworthy and will follow you any where. I always looks at dogs feet. Not sure why.

You can bounce a quarter on my beds. My mom insisted we make it like that when we were kids. My family doesn't like it, but they can mess it up if they want. I don't mess up my bed and I get mad when my husband does. I am a neurotic sleeper. Everything has to be just right. LOL

It's very annoying.

Julie said...

What a fantastic retirement for Gilly. Your Dad looks really happy.

AllyJo said...

The noodle fairy needs a mailing address.