Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's a...

There is only one baby. I guess, I need to come up with something new to tease Jess about. lol

I am soo excited! I can make little dresses,bonnets,and doll clothes. Hooray!!

We took our pack to the vet yesterday. It was their annual visit for vaccinations. I really need to look into pet insurance. Cost effective or not???

The vet put them on a weight watcher program. Drats..all three need to loose ten pounds each. I hope, if we increase walks and cut calorie intake these fat dogs will shed 10lbs each. To be honest a walk won't hurt me, either. I can walk the bassets alone.Which is kinda funny. I am going to need help with one more! Hint hubby **wink and a nudge*
Here are the Fat Pack. LOL!



Miss Elly

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Allie said...

A girl!!!! Yippee! Congrats! Start thinking pink....oh what a lovely thought.

Fat Pack, that made me laugh! Yes walking should help. I need to walk my very fat cat, but I don't think she'd go for it.

I think I'd definitely check into pet insurance. If you only go once a year, it should be easy to figure out if you'll save or not. Another thing you can do is get the prescription for the annual shots, and buy them online and give them yourself. I believe rabies is the only one you can't.

*I* couldn't do it - but some folks can.