Monday, April 26, 2010

Gone to the Dogs...Again

On the road trip last week, I picked up some "dog fabrics." I think... I could use some blenders. Does anyone have a pattern idea?

Today, hubby and I are visiting Boomtowne.
ABC welcomed "The Fleetwood Four" from Missouri, yesterday.We are going to visit and socialize these bassets.They came from a puppy mill. Its any ones guess just how they respond to humans. Hopefully, they will find "forever homes" soon here on the east coast.I will share some pictures and a few stories with you tomorrow. Animals are another passion of mine. They must have fur. No reptiles for me!!

Have a Great Monday!


Trish said...

Love the fabric. You could do a 'Disappearing Nine Patch'. Use the dog faces for the outside corners so they don't get cut up, use the bones for the inside patches (this becomes the sashing) and use either black or brown for the center square. The lighter print could be used for the border. Once the nine patch is made, you cut it down the middle and then across the middle and rearrange the patches. For a larger block, use a square of four dog faces as one patch.
There's a good tutorial at
Just my 2 cents.

Connie said...

Thanks for stoping bye, I do have someone that can make this for me but I want to look and see what I can come up with.... your fabric find is very cute, I love dogs and basset is what we have.... sure that I'm not a retiles person also Have a great day.

Allie said...

Ugh no reptiles here either! Love the dog fabrics, I think a simple square in square block would work well for showing off the prints...but fair warning, I'm not good making quilts out of novelty fabrics, that's why I have so many in my stash, lol!