Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits...

I really do not have much to say... today.
What am I working on ?

This is going to be a Dog Hanky. How does my rolled hem work on my serger again? I can't remember. When all else fails...get the manual out! : )

What are my blogging plans?

  • A little sewing machine tour. I would consider myself a collector.

  • Tell you all about an online auction coming up.

  • Share a little about my job hunt.

Who luvs ya Baby? Miss Elly Does...


Julie said...

Oh, good idea on the sewing machine tour. Maybe I can do that too. I only have 13!!!
Hi, Miss Elly. You are such a cutey wootey (baby/doggie talk here) such a sweet doggsie woggsy!!

Beverly said...

Tell Miss Elly that I love her, too. I think she needs to put on her pink bow, and come back to see us on Pink Saturday. She would be quite a stunner.

Linda said...

Your dog hanky is just too cute!
Miss Elly - you are gorgeous as usual!!