Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Today, I have a little of this and that to write.

  • Click on over and wish Allyjo a Happy 40th Birthday! I would sing but, I only have a voice Miss Elly enjoys. I will spare everyone. No need to thank me : 0 )

  • Check out my new valance. It could have been fuller but, lori needs to set her type A personality aside. **giggle**

Many thanks to my mother in law, Carol for saving the day. Last week my sewing machine broke. This week my coffee pot. She kindly gave me an extra... she had. Tim Hortons is very close by, but I would rather spend my money on (fabric, patterns ....Ect) I don't have a problem, do I ?

Happy Anniversary to my Parents ! - I will do a whole post about my Moms Wedding Gown tomorrow. The sewing people may find it interesting.

For Miss Elly Fans:

Snoring Away......

Are you sticking your tongue out at me? I think so.


Purple and Paisley said...

miss elly's tongue cracks me up...i used to have a big old tom cat who stuck his tongue out when he slept, too...makes me smile just thinking about it...=)

Julie said...

Your valance is very nice. Miss Elly sure does have a shiney nose! It is so cute when they sleep with their tongue sticking out - like they are dreaming of being a puppy again.

AllyJo said...

OH my. I'm behind on reading blogs and I thank you for your sweetness. It's so funny when they stick their tongues out in their sleep. Does she talk in her sleep too?