Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I am a naughty blogger!

Has it been a week ...since I have posted?

I am naughty... a very bad girl.

My serger and I have came to an understanding. Anyone who owns one, knows what I am trying to say. There not like a sewing machine. They are there own breed. This serger is 12 years old.

I wanted to do a rolled hem. A simple task. uhh no! I had to get out the book. Talk to it nicely..(not really) finally.... I get what I desire. : ) Yippee!

A very nice edge finish.

All of my doggies are sleeping. I will take a picture later today, of them modeling these doggy hankies.

I do have a house guest. My Dad is in the hospital. ( He will be fine.) So, while he recovers ..."Silly Gilly" is staying with us. He is a very polite house guest. Making himself at home. Isn't he too Cute!!

I will try to get a picture of Silly Gilly and Miss Elly together. With a little luck maybe Mitzie too! I may be pushing my luck but, there is always cut and paste. **giggle**


Ginny said...

Hi Lori,
Forget the rolled hem. I am so impressed that you remember how to thread the thing. I have thought about using mine - but it scares me so. I'll have to work up the nerve. On a brighter note, I have learned how to start my lawnmower on the first pull. It used to take seven prayers to get it going. Connie (Ginny's daughter)

AllyJo said...

I want to snuggle with those puppies. I don't have a serger and I don't think I want one. I looks like too much work.

Julie said...

Oh, I'll bet the doggies are having a great time.
I am afraid of those sergers. I tried one once and couldn't get over that it cut off the edge! Yikes!!