Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Today I feel like.....

Miss Yankee Barbie. The boys WON last night. Notice I said feel like not look like. My sister, Gail bought this for me after I became a true fan.This was after David Wells "Perfect Game". Not to mention my favorite player Derek Jeter. The Captain is a man who teaches integrity by actions.Cute too!:)*giggle*

Quilting / Sewing News

I am continuing on a flimsy. Maybe by 1pm.

Picture of the Day

Miss Elly has her Rally cap on!


Ginny said...

Cute cap. And what is a flimsy?

AllyJo said...

Hi Miss Elly! Give Mama love from Florida. The Yankees are playing the Rays tonight. Woopdie doo. I hope the Yankees win.

I have noodles in a box for you, which I hope to mail this week. I had to wait until we got paid again. LOL Last month was tight.

Catch up with ya later!!!

Beverly said...

Go team!!! Did Miss Elly do her cheers?

Deborah said...

She is such a cutie - you could put this on Friday's Favorite Family Foto ... we don't want to forget our furry family members.

Let me know by Thursday evening if you will post your photo Friday and I can post your link.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

feel like, look like....I know what'cha mean! If I LOOK like a million bucks, I usually FEEL like that too....
If I FEEL like a million bucks, like you said, that doesn't mean we necessarily LOOK it. :0)

I don't follow baseball---football is my sport. But (sigh), I don't know what I'm gonna do this year now that my pal Brett isn't playing anymore......*GO PACKERS!* Born-n-bred Cheesehead here!