Thursday, July 3, 2008

Naughty Girl

I am NAUGHTY. This is nothing new . I only completed # 2 on my list from yesterday. Read on ..I will explain. I spent the day with Bubbles, my sister. You can find her blog **HERE**. She is new to blogging and would love the Warm Welcome!

Here is what we did do :

  1. Received pedicures. (fabulous)
  2. Pretended to be " Ladies Who Lunch" at Wegmans
  3. Picked Strawberries (lots, tons, and loads) about 16 Quarts.
  4. Bubbles tried to teach me how to make jam. ( I don't know if I learned this but, We will see!)
I am SEWING today. It is gloomy here in Western NY. I Love NY! *really* Pictures later! ( I am too LAZY now) LOL!

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