Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Weeks To Do List

Lets See How I Do:

  • Create an Excel sheet for Fabric Usage (like my hero)

  • Get caught up on Orange Crush

  • Pin baste Scrappy Trips and Star Struck

  • Sew binding on Aunt Sues Quilt

These are in NO particular order.

I am continuing sorting and cleaning my sewing room. I have spent Too much time looking for my companion ruler. I am so fustrated! You know I will find it ...after I purchase another one. My closet and drawers are a mess! I think someone or something messed up my sewing area!

Maybe it was:

She has that "Who Me" look. "I didn't mess up your sewing room Mom. "Her name is Pepper and she is 12 years old.

I must get to that list!!!! Happy Tuesday.


1 comment:

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

It appears that "Murphy" has visited you too. Only, for you, it's When something gets lost, it will

I'm glad to see you've made progress on the Scrappy quilt....I've been patiently awaiting a post after the initial one. That name got my attention! How cute!

And...wow! Graduation. I had no idea....do you mind filling us in with a simple post about what you graduated in? I also spent saturday at a graduation of one of my former students. I actually enjoyed the speaches----it's amazing what years of maturity can do to someone :0)

Good luck on your to-do list!