Monday, May 26, 2008

Stashbusting Report

Week of 5/18-5/24

Fabric Added this Week-4.00 yds
Fabric Added Year to Date-4.00 yds

Fabric Used this Week-4.00yds
Fabric Used Year to Date-7.00yds

I have won the battle with Excel to keep track of this for me. Fabric purchased was used to finish quilts in progress. My stash tends to lean toward certian colors.

1 comment:

AllyJo said...

I don't understand this stash report thingy I see on so many blogs.

The nice thing about being alone is I've only ran the dishwasher twice and I've only done one load of laundry. Yahooooo!

I'm working today, tomorrow and Saturday at my new job, a quilt store. Do you need anything? I get a 20% discount. *grins*