Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits ~ Living the Dream

After, much thought and careful consideration... I am taking my little home based business in a new direction. My  girls do not seem to be interested in learning, what is my head. (This makes me sad.) But, maybe they will learn something.( Crossing my fingers and knocking on wood at the same time.)

Eventually, I want a Sewing / Quilting Academy. A place where people can gather, learn, and laugh.Complete with a Retreat Center maybe, a quilt shop. If, I were a millionaire..I would just build it. But , I am not. "Scrap!".... I say.

Now, for the part that takes nerves of steel....Change. Scary to me. So, I will start small. Still out of my house. Our old garage is my quilt room. People can come take lessons (quilting or sewing) Cheap. I think, lessons are over priced in my area.

They can try out my Bailey and just have fun.
Learn to make pajama pants for Xmas presents.Or a quilt?
Learn to hem their own pants. (Save $$$)

This all may be a pipe dream but, it is my pipe dream! lol!
Wait, until my hubby sees his To-Do list. It is more than placing an ad!

Lets see if, I can have it all!

Wish me Luck!



Elisabeth said...

Wish You the best of luck and go for it girl!

Elisabeth said...

Wish you the best of luck. Go for it girl!

Allie said...

I wish you all the success you can handle, girl - this sounds like a worthy dream to me!!!!

scraphappy said...

Wow, sounds exciting. Good luck

Deanna said...

Be brave! Enterprise is not easy, but you have some knowledge and are already half-way there. I'll bet you are a great success.

ps--Don't give up on the girls just yet. I didn't really start sewing until I was 29.

Quiet Quilter said...

Sounds like fun..and work! Your DH sounds like winner to help you!
Say, you could even have a class for children/young adults, say, next summer, after you get your business off the ground.