Monday, August 2, 2010

Fourteen Years Ago, Today !

I was working hard at finishing my wedding gown. I wasn't getting married until 6pm. Plenty of time. Yeah, that was a little nuts! I was young.

I made all these, too. In a matter of weeks, not months. Jeff and I met, March 3, 1996.That is Stacey's birthday. (The girl on the far left.) Were engaged a few months.. later. Those are my girls next to me. I still can't believe it. Pictures don't lie.
I was not a Bridezilla.The girls picked their own dresses. The guys wore black jeans and cowboy boots. The two guys on the left, they are Jeff's sons. ( No they DO NOT call me, Mom.) I would kick them in the pants!
Jeff Jr. is 37 and Barret (second from the left ) is 34 and I am 40. Now you understand why, I would kick them? I can't be your Mommy! lol~!

Here is our song. Listen to the words.From the movie "Pure Country."


Deanna said...

Congratulations! I, too, married into a ready made family. My oldest "son" is only 12 years younger than I am, and they call me by my first name. We've been at it 15 years, similar to you, and I wouldn't change it. Happy day! Good for you.

Allie said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, LORI AND JEFF!!! I wish you two many more happy years together!