Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Build me a Cabin

I do love Log Cabin Quilts. Maybe, because it was my first quilt... ever. My aunt convinced me to take a quilting class. I can blame her, right? The year was 1994. This quilt is tied and torn. I keep it to remind me of where, I came from. I even liked green back then. Funny, huh?

Today, I am working along on a couple of different blocks. Here is a Scrappy Log Cabin. Not done yet. Two inch logs.A good stash buster.Creams for the lights and whatever.. I pull from the two inch noodle drawer.

Will, I have a cabin by the end of the day?


Allie said...

I've never tried a log cabin - and I love them! Love the colors in this, can't wait to see - very summery!

Deanna said...

Some things change and some things don't. The workmanship of the first quilt is very nice--you can tell you knew how to sew all along. But, the contrast and happiness of your new block is more to my personal taste. Keep up the good work and I'll be excited to see the results.