Thursday, August 21, 2008

Half in the Bag!!!

Not really... lol!

I am in search of the perfect tote bag. These bags will be for donation. They must be quick and easy! (mass production) I am trying this pattern.

Things I MUST DO this week:

  • Start school shopping (school starts 9/4) . I haven't even bought a pencil.

  • Extreme Makeover/ Home Edition is working on a home about 15 miles away. I must go check it out. I will take my camera. :)

Today's Photo- "Miss Elly and me."

I don't like my picture taken. (I always look ...dorky) I am stepping outside my box.


Purple and Paisley said...

i love miss elly...and now i know what my friend, lori, looks like! yippee! (you do not look like a dork!) =)

Julie said...

Lori, you look great! Of course, so does Miss Elly.
Sigh, your school hasn't started yet. We are finishing up week 3 here in Alabama and I already need a vacation!

Tamara said...

You look maaaavalus. Thanks for posting your photo I always like to see who I am reading. Miss Elly looks like a Lover.