Sunday, August 10, 2008

Batter Up !

My Hubby and I went to Frontier Field again. I love this ballpark. Its plunked in the middle of Rochester,NY. To be quite honest, we go when the Wings (AAA affiliate for the Twins) play Scranton ( the AAA affiliate for the Yankees).
This time we sat four rows behind home plate. Too close in my opinion. I know there is a net but, that little ball is fast. Yikes! At a basketball game, I would sit on the sidelines and not be nervous.
Notice the picture on the right. That is Kodak Headquarters.

I am planning to get some quilting done today. It is gloomy here . A great day for quilting and a nap.

Yesterdays Yankee Quiz - Who is this?

If you guessed Mr. Ron Guidry .....You are right!

Picture of the Day

All tongue and ears! The photographer cut the top of Mitzies head off. Sorry Mitzie...I will try to do better next time. In my own defense, Miss Elly is 55lbs of love running at me!

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Julie said...

I would be afraid of the ball hitting me too! Sounds like you had fun.