Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Blogger still looks weird to me. I am missing my font button. Where did that go?

The top picture is a mini quilt for a swap.

The bottom picture is some fabric I received yesterday from Thousands of Bolts...and Only One Nut. You can check them out HERE. I love that place. They are fast and efficient.

We just returned from the "Tax Man." Yuck! Our tax man is rather good looking. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. This eases my pain a bit. Although, I really have to try hard not to stare. :)My hubby just chuckles about this.

I need to get busy on my Quilt Alongs.I have two, I am currently working on.Hopefully,I can show you the progress Wednesday. Off to the sewing room...still thinking about those " Baby Blues."

Have a good one!


em's scrapbag said...

Your mini is lovely.

Shasta said...

That's a cute swap quilt. I see you've done several of Bonnie's mysteries. I'm not good with mysteries but that double Delight is on my very long to do list.

Jackie said...

Love the story about your tax mans blue eyes!