Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Tiny Break from my WIP

I am making a bazillion of these blocks.

For the final border on this quilt. A UFO that has spent way too much time in the closet. The pattern is available HERE.
Yesterday, I was blog browsing. I clicked on Victoria's blog and she needs some help. So, I decided it was the break, I needed. I made her the blocks bellow. You can read all about her efforts Here.

Can you help her by making a block or two?
Homelessness is a growing problem. Probably now more than ever. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


AllyJo said...

Oh wow. That blue heaven quilt is absolutely gorgeous. Is it for me? What a cool link with the house blocks. I'll have to pull something together to help out.

Did you get a longarm machine?

Are you on Facebook?

belinda said...

...Oh...Oh....that quilt (quiltville) pattern is on my list....I recognized it right away....I want to do mine in blues too!!

Valrie said...

What a beautiful gesture. I wish I could quilt! I am in Sandi's bunny hop and wanted to stop by for a visit. HOP over to me now for a visit!