Friday, October 3, 2008

A touch of Fall

Here are some leaf blocks, I am working on. They are part of a fall wallhanging in progress. I hope to have together by Saturday. : )

I really need to make myself some flannel PJ pants. I would buy them but, the legs are always too short. I could buy mens but, there not girly enough for me. PJ pants are cheaper to make anyway. I had to throw out all of my pj pants out from last year. They were almost "see through." Can't answer the door with everyone knowing what color my undergarmets are. LOL!!!!

Another blogger told me these no slip rulers really do work. I used my 40% off coupon and bought this one. They do work. I am amazed.

I hope Santa brings me more. Maybe my hubby will tell Santa. I am trying to be a good girl.

This should be one of those Doublemint Gum Ads.
Silly Gilly and Miss Elly... alike yet different.

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Julie said...

Why, you certainly have been a good girl. Hope you have a big stocking - and some doggy stockings too!