Friday, February 19, 2010

The Good, Bad, and Ugly!


Freddy the frame gets the ugly label today. He is costing me a mere little fortune in needles. I use a 14 or 16 with him. He will buzz along fine and then snap. Might it be bobbin tension ? Being a beginner, I have no other ideas. Please help!!!
A UFO that should have been done long ago. A Quilt Along you can find HERE. I am making some progress. Three blocks a day is my minimum goal.

Inspired by Amy's Red, White, and Black Quilt HERE, I thought it would make a nice donation to QOV.Thanks for the inspiration Amy!!

After much thought about this Unfinished Object thing.....For me personally.... I get bored working on one thing. So, I have decided to work on at least two maybe three things at the same time. Hopefully, this plan will result in more finishes and less things banished to the closet.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey lady
Sorry, but I don't have much to share in advice about the needle. I've had them break in the past, but can't remember what the blasted reason was! SORRY! But thanks for showing your frame set up. How do you like it? I have had so many internal debates with myself about "do I get a simple frame with my current machine or wait to cough up a little more dough for a bigger frame and new mid-arm machine?" How long have you had your frame? Pros? Cons?

Isn't the Pineapple Blossom block fun!??!!?? I love it! Glad you found some inspiration---mine hasn't moved from the floor yet.

Constance said...

Hi Lori, What a beautiful quilt! I took lessons on a longarm in Utah. We had breaking needle and thread problems which stopped when we started using a net thread cover. It lets it feed more easily thru the machine. I have since read that in a quilting magazine as well. Connie

Linda said...

Hi Lori,
Thank you for stopping to visit. It is fun watching how others BOM's are coming together. Love your quilt.